Valiant Magic - Summer Solstice Seduction

On the shortest night of the year, fae come out to play, vampires don't have much time, and werewolves howl at a full moon. 

The summer solstice brings out witches, demons, vampires, shifters, and supernatural creatures in a night of magic and mayhem. There are spells that can only be cast and curses that can only be broken on this one, enchanted night.

If you dare, follow the fae down a magical path, but beware! You may get forever lost. Beyond supernatural hijinx, there's seduction around every corner...

Eleven brand new, paranormal romances from both established authors and exciting new talent in this single volume.


Feel the supernatural heat - read it today. Only available as a paperback at this time. Valiant Magic can be found separately.




Bri didn’t even know why they were arguing. "With sufficient thrust, anything can be a weapon."

Dru snorted in disbelief. "Anything?"

Raising a brow, Bri slid a white plastic fork out of her pocket, snapped off the outside tines, and brandished the single remaining point at Dru.

Her sister shook her head. "Where did you even get a plastic fork?"

"I have emergency forks stashed everywhere."

Dru narrowed her eyes. "I legit can't tell if you're kidding or just insane."

Sometimes, neither could Bri. She stuffed the mangled fork back in her hoodie pocket and surveyed the lavish throne room. “Why’d you summon me?”

"I need you to go on a trip for me."

Bri crossed her arms, suspicious. Dru never sent her anywhere. She'd come to the dryad realm from Earth—or Terra, according to the locals—almost a year ago, and the only thing she'd done of consequence was assassinate the previous queen. In Bri's defense, the woman had been super evil. She’d also been Bri’s biological mother.

Dru's too, but thankfully, murdering their mother in cold blood turned out to be a bonding experience.

Bri shrugged, trying not to give away her excitement. "Sure. Whatever you need."

Dru sighed. "There's a political problem with one of the douchey rich tribes, so I'm supposed to go make nice by attending a summer solstice festival. But some asshole double-booked me. Also, I don't want to go."

This was why she loved her sister. Dru may be queen, but she had almost zero filter. Her reign was an experience. "Why send me?"

"Because they'll accept the lesser royal sister as a substitute, and I've personally seen you kick the ass of almost every guard in the palace, with and without magic."

Every guard but one, and if he weren't constantly telling her what to do, she'd have wished for an entirely different use for his fine ass. Too bad being the captain made him prohibitively bossy.

The mission offered her exactly what she wanted. Potential danger and a chance to leave the massive palace grounds? Yes, please.

Bri rubbed her hands together. "No problem."

"Two things." Dru held up a finger. "You can't kill anyone without a good reason."

"I always have a good reason," Bri muttered.

Her sister ignored the interruption and held up a second finger. "You can't go alone."

The smile dropped off Bri's face as the door to the throne room creaked open. She turned with a scowl, already knowing who'd be there based solely on Dru's guilty look.

Mattias stood at ease, but his combat training came through in his stance, all relaxed power, ready for anything. Also in his muscular frame. The man did not skip leg day. He brought a fist to his heart and bowed his head to Dru, the traditional greeting for the queen, then he turned to Bri, and repeated the motion, but with a sardonic twist to his lips.

"I look forward to our travels together, princess."


-from VALIANT MAGIC ©Nicole Hall

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