Accidental Magic

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Magic is real, fairies are assholes, and everyone knew about it but me…

Sera Allen needed a change. The family house she inherited was the perfect place for a fresh start, except for the sexy neighbor she’d ditched years before and the surprise fairies living across the street. Before long, she’s neck-deep in magic, Fae, and zombie bunnies, and her tenuous connection to her powers relies on the one man she wanted to avoid.

Jake Thomas was happy in his mundane life. Magic was for other people. Until the girl who’d broken his heart moved back home and he found himself drawn into the world of the Fae. She needed his help, but could he trust her to stick around this time when things got rough?

With a dark force threatening the town, they’ll have to face their pasts and overcome their distrust to have any chance at a future. Together they can make magic, but will it be enough?

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