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September update

Warrior Tamed is out on the 17th, and I can't wait for you to meet Ares and Cypress. To celebrate, Goddess Forsaken is FREE from Sept. 15-19. Don't miss your chance to grab this first in series for no cost. I have one more book planned in the Rise of the Lost Gods series, Immortal Fallen, to answer all the questions and finally give Calliope what she deserves. Look for it early 2022. Also coming next year, a trilogy of fantasy romance goodness that may or may not feature some dragons and a tetralogy (four book series) about a group of witches that struggle with people but excel at magic.* 

Summer Solstice Seduction is gone forever in ebook form, but you can still purchase a paperback copy from Amazon. Have no fear though, Bri's story will live on. Valiant Magic will get a fancy cover and be released on it's own at the end of October. $0.99 pre-order coming soon, and yes, it will be in KU.

Finally, a full Modern Magic boxset is in the works for a December release. You'll get all 6 full-length novels and the Valiant Magic short in one collection. This will also be in KU like all my books.

*Not all these books will be out in 2022. I'm not superhuman (unfortunately).

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Feel the supernatural heat...

June is going to be a busy month with two releases. Let's get those pre-orders started!

First, Divinity Bound comes out June 4th. Ana and Shane square off against a god that won't take no for an answer. As usual, you'll get demigods, fated mates, wonky magic, and a cat that won't let anyone forget she used to be a Muse. You'll be able to pick it up on Amazon here, in KU, or in print at any of your favorite retailers. 

Second, I contributed Valiant Magic to the Summer Solstice Seduction paranormal romance anthology, which releases June 21st. This book is HOT, and it's filled with shorts you're going to love. Including Bri's story, taking place after the events of the Modern Magic series. Have you ever wondered how to kill someone with a plastic fork? Well, Bri has you covered. She'll need all the forks she can muster for her queen-ordered journey with Mattias, Captain of the Guard and royal pain in her ass. Especially when he whispers princess in her ear. You can grab that one on Amazon here, also available in KU and in print.

The Rise of the Lost Gods series continues with Cypress' story in book 3, Warrior Tamed. Pre-order available now here!

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