Divinity Bound

Maybe it’s magic… maybe it’s three raccoons in a dumpster.

Ana Winters needs a safe haven. She can’t afford for anyone to look too closely when her magic goes haywire and she starts to glow. Unfortunately, hiding in plain sight isn’t how small towns work, and the alluring local Sheriff can’t keep his eyes off her. Then again, he might be the only one who can help.

Sheriff Shane Garrett will do just about anything for Ana. Scare off an angry mob of racoons? Done. Help her learn to use her magic? No problem. Fight a possessive, deranged god attempting to claim her for himself? Bring it on. All he wants in return is the truth.

When Ana’s past finds them, they face more than destructive secrets and aggressive urban wildlife. Under pressure from gods, mothers, and an opinionated Muse, their fragile trust must strengthen into an unassailable bond to protect their future.

Divinity Bound is a full-length paranormal romance novel in the Rise of the Lost Gods series, featuring demigods with unexpected magic and the fated guardians who will do anything to protect them.