Rebellious Magic

What’s the point of having magical powers if you can’t use them to smite your enemies?

Dru Collins refuses to be a sacrifice, which is why she’s staying in the human world until further notice. The dryad realm offers nothing but an arranged marriage and a life-sucking job, literally. Her all-but-useless magic will call her back one day, but until then, she’ll fight to find a different path, princess or not. When threats from her royal mother and an incompetent assassin start to pile up, Dru recruits the one man she probably shouldn’t trust—a sexy shifter bounty-hunter who intends to bring her home.

Oren Ashir has new orders from the clan: find the dryad, retrieve the traitor, return to the elders. Except the traitor has knowledge about the disappearance of his parents, and the dryad is a feisty beauty with a mission of her own. Dru is the key to accessing the dryad realm, but pursuing the traitor puts her in danger. He’ll have to make a choice: find the answers to his past or protect the woman he wants for his future.

Tied together on a complicated mission, Oren and Dru discover secrets hidden by friends and enemies alike. With time ticking down until Dru has to return home, will they learn to trust themselves and each other before it’s too late?

Rebellious Magic is a full-length paranormal romance novel featuring fated mates, a shifter with a protector complex, and a dryad princess who refuses to do anything that she’s told.