Valiant Magic

Dryad. Princess. Badass.

Bri Piper didn’t ask to be dryad royalty. She prefers actual back-stabbing over the political alternative, but she’s rarely allowed to leave the castle grounds. Until her sister, the queen, sends her on a mission. She has no choice but to take along Mattias Besera, the uptight, arrogant, dangerously hot, Captain of the Guard.

Too bad he’s as appealing as he is frustrating.

With his sneaky humor, kind heart, and unshakeable loyalty, Mattias is so much more than the only one who can beat her with a sword. And when he finally gets close enough to whisper ‘princess’ in her ear, Bri develops a new appreciation for her title.

When complications arise during the mission, Bri is faced with a choice – adhere to dryad tradition and earn her freedom…or follow her heart.

Valiant Magic is a short companion story that takes place after the events of the Modern Magic series featuring a headstrong dryad princess and the man determined to protect her, even from himself.