Goddess Forsaken

Roommates with benefits never looked so good…

Bounty hunter Lindsey Haven loves a good mystery, but not when a series of strange occurrences makes her homeless. Her friend’s offer to let her house-sit for the summer – and maybe discover an explanation – couldn’t come at a better time. But she doesn’t realize she’ll have to share the place with a frustrating, arrogant, sexy as hell distraction. How is she supposed to finally find some answers if all she can think about is him?

Dax Russell believes in fate, after all, his grandmother had the sight. So when his army buddy offers him a dream job in exchange for an easy summer of guarding a cat and some broken pottery, he knows the move is meant to be. Bonus: he gets to live with the feisty beauty that he keeps seeing in his dreams. Now if only she’d admit there’s more between them than a shared bathroom.

When a hidden threat pulls them into a thousand-year-old struggle for power, Lindsey, Dax, and a cat who’s more than she seems have to work together to prevent a catastrophe of god-like proportions.

Goddess Forsaken is a full-length paranormal romance novel in the Rise of the Lost Gods series, featuring demigods with unexpected magic and the fated guardians who will do anything to protect them.