Immortal Fallen

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The fate of the world is in the hands of the one who broke it.

The good news? Calliope has a body again. The bad news? She’s naked, weak, and napping on top of her immortal ex. The awful news? Her magic is blocked, and to her great horror, Mal is the key to unlocking it.

Waking up under his naked ex wasn’t in his plans for the day, but Mal’s flexible. As the self-proclaimed Trickster God of Chaos (trademark pending), he loves a challenge, but this one might be more than he can handle.

He trusts Calliope as much as his backstabbing Pantheon buddies, but he needs her on his side to protect the rest of the gods—and despite their messed-up past, he’d still do anything to protect her too.

With a psychotic god gaining strength, and secrets being revealed all around, Calliope discovers a hidden power that could help her save the humans and gods alike. But not alone. She needs the truth. She needs a plan.

She needs Mal.

Immortal Fallen is the fourth full-length paranormal romance novel in the Rise of the Lost Gods series, featuring demigods with unexpected magic and the fated guardians who will do anything to protect them.

Releases May 6th in ebook and paperback. Pre-order now!

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Valiant Magic

Dryad. Princess. Badass.

Bri Piper didn't ask to be dryad royalty. She prefers actual back-stabbing over the political alternative, but she's rarely allowed to leave the castle grounds. Until her sister, the queen, sends her on a mission. She has no choice but to take along Mattias Besera, the uptight, arrogant, dangerously hot, Captain of the Guard.

Too bad he's as appealing as he is frustrating.

With his sneaky humor, kind heart, and unshakeable loyalty, Mattias is so much more than the only one who can beat her with a sword. And when he finally gets close enough to whisper 'princess' in her ear, Bri develops a new appreciation for her title.

 When complications arise during the mission, Bri is faced with a choice -- adhere to dryad tradition and earn her freedom...or follow her heart.

Valiant Magic is a short companion story that takes place after the events of the Modern Magic series, featuring a headstrong dryad princess and the man determined to protect her, even from himself.


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Warrior Tamed

He belongs on a beefcake calendar holding a puppy in front of his junk.

Cypress Baker has a god problem. One minute, she's mouthing off to the worst car-jacker ever, the next, her very own God of War struts to her rescue. His holy hotness claims he's her guardian – her fate, and the key to her anemic magic. More power is great, but when it comes with muscles, motorcycles, and dark eyes that see too much, how is she supposed to separate the magic from the man?

Ares, God of War, has met his match. She's sarcastic, stubborn, and possibly the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. A thousand years ago he made a promise to protect her line, but with Cypress, nothing is easy – especially when she refuses to admit she’s in danger. No matter the challenge, he’ll guard her body, but this time, he may have to guard his heart.

When the threat to Cypress becomes all too real, she'll have to make a choice – the god or the guardian. Because with war on the horizon, she can't keep both.

Warrior Tamed is the third full-length paranormal romance novel in the Rise of the Lost Gods series, featuring demigods with unexpected magic and the fated guardians who will do anything to protect them. 

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Muse Interrupted

Note to self: Following mythical creatures with only a taser is a bad idea.

Sabine Davis believes a fabled, six-legged panther stalks the local woods, and she intends to find it - even if it means trespassing on the land that should have been hers. Except following the tracks leads her to the man who broke her heart instead of a cat with questionable limbs. A surprise that might prove more dangerous than the legendary predator.

Alex Garcia is home for good, with a plan to win back the love of his life. He spent eight long years away from Sabine, and now he's ready to prove he's as good at staying as he is at leaving. But will she give him the chance after he shattered her trust?

When a fateful encounter in the woods breaks an ancient seal, Sabine and Alex find themselves pitted against a pantheon of semi-immortal gods. Together - along with a Muse, a bit of magic, and a taser - they face a complicated threat that could bring them closer than ever . . . or tear them apart for good.

Muse Interrupted is a short-story prequel to the Rise of the Lost Gods series of paranormal romance novels, featuring demigods with unexpected magic and the guardians fated to protect them.


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Goddess Forsaken

Roommates with benefits never looked so good.

Bounty hunter Lindsey Haven loves a good mystery, but not when a series of strange occurrences makes her homeless. Her friend's offer to let her house-sit for the summer - and maybe discover an explanation - couldn't come at a better time. But she doesn't realize she'll have to share the place with a frustrating, arrogant, sexy as hell distraction. How is she supposed to finally find some answers if all she can think about is him?

Dax Russell believes in fate, after all, his grandmother had the sight. So when his army buddy offers him a dream job in exchange for an easy summer of guarding a cat and some broken pottery, he knows the move is meant to be. Bonus: he gets to live with the feisty beauty that he keeps seeing in his dreams. Now if only she’d admit there’s more between them than a shared bathroom.

When a hidden threat pulls them into a thousand-year-old struggle for power, Lindsey, Dax, and a cat who's more than she seems have to work together to prevent a catastrophe of god-like proportions.

Goddess Forsaken is a full-length paranormal romance novel in the Rise of the Lost Gods series, featuring demigods with unexpected magic and the guardians fated to protect them. 

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Divinity Bound

Maybe it's magic...maybe it's three raccoons in a dumpster.

Ana Winters needs a safe haven. She can't afford for anyone to look too closely when her magic goes haywire and she starts to glow. Unfortunately, hiding in plain sight isn't how small towns work, and the alluring local Sheriff can't keep his eyes off her. Then again, he might be the only one who can help.

Sheriff Shane Garrett will do just about anything for Ana. Scare off an angry mob of raccoons? Done. Help her learn to use her magic? No problem. Fight a possessive, deranged god attempting to claim her for himself? Bring it on. All he wants in return is the truth.

When Ana’s past finds them, they face more than destructive secrets and aggressive urban wildlife. Under pressure from gods, mothers, and an opinionated Muse, their fragile trust must strengthen into an unassailable bond to protect their future.

Divinity Bound is the second full-length paranormal romance novel in the Rise of the Lost Gods series, featuring demigods with unexpected magic and the guardians fated to protect them. 

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Modern Magic

She made a new friend…with a summoning circle.

Charlotte Azoria has no need for an imp. She’s awkward and socially inept enough without throwing a tiny troublemaker into the mix. But after royally mucking up a spell, that’s exactly what she got, as well as a reunion with her best friend’s sexy brother. The last thing she wants is someone else all up in her business, but she needs Brandon. For his help, and for the future she’s always wanted.

Brandon Cole loves very few people, his sister is one of them. So when she asks him to check on her bestie, he begrudgingly goes. Charlotte is different than he remembers. The same hot mess but in a lush tiny package. After being trapped, chased, and shoved out a window, what he really wants is to tuck her safely into bed. Next to him. Too bad the imp has other ideas.

Charlotte and her imp might be more trouble than they’re worth, but Brandon can’t help wondering if trouble is exactly what he needs.


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Accidental Magic

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Magic is real, fairies are assholes, and everyone knew about it but me…

Sera Allen needed a change. The family house she inherited was the perfect place for a fresh start, except for the sexy neighbor she’d ditched years before and the surprise fairies living across the street. Before long, she’s neck-deep in magic, Fae, and zombie bunnies, and her tenuous connection to her powers relies on the one man she wanted to avoid.

Jake Thomas was happy in his mundane life. Magic was for other people. Until the girl who’d broken his heart moved back home and he found himself drawn into the world of the Fae. She needed his help, but could he trust her to stick around this time when things got rough?

With a dark force threatening the town, they’ll have to face their pasts and overcome their distrust to have any chance at a future. Together they can make magic, but will it be enough?

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Insidious Magic

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He wants his magic gone, she'll do anything to get hers back.

Zee likes being in charge. She’s good at it, and the fae have thrived under her leadership. When the Wood summarily exiles her, she’s flung into the human world with no magic and no idea how to get back to her people. Out of options, she turns to Ryan, her closest human connection and the subject of an unfortunate attraction. Will he help her find her way or prove to be a dangerous distraction?

Ryan Nolan hates his magic. It’s dangerous and wild, and he can’t control it. Until the sexy leader of the fae offers an exchange. She’s a temptation he’s resisted before, but maybe this time the reward will be worth the risk.

When mysterious shadows start appearing in the Wood, Zee and Ryan find themselves on opposite ends of a magical tug-of-war. Can they find a common ground where human and magic meet or will their differences tear them apart?

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Treacherous Magic

It’s hard to kill a Dark Fae… even one without power.

Maddie Thomas has a secret. She’s finally free after years spent in thrall to Torix, but she’s not safe. She took something from him, and he wants it back. The only one she trusts to help is the wolf she was forced to work with. But he may be more of a danger to her as a man than he ever was as a wolf.

Aiden Morgan has secrets of his own. He’s lost everything to Torix, and he wants revenge now that he’s no longer trapped as a wolf. Maddie is the perfect bait. Aiden needs her to lure Torix in, but the closer he gets to her, the more he realizes that his needs are changing. Will he choose Maddie or the memories of his past?

When Torix finds them again, Maddie and Aiden have to take a stand to protect everyone they love. Even if failure means returning Torix to full power. Together, they have a chance of success, but can their trust withstand the secrets they’ve all been keeping?


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Impulsive Magic

Face to butt with a llama and really questioning her life choices.

Keely Cole is allergic to failure. When her carefully cultivated life self-destructs, she faces the choice of returning home in shame or accepting a crazy opportunity: help a sexy shifter clear his name in exchange for free room and board in Manhattan. With his help, she can rebuild her life, but at what cost?

Seth Morgan likes the human world well enough, but he hates that he’s not there by choice. His clan banished him for a crime he didn’t commit, and Keely gives him the perfect excuse to return home by pretending to be his mate. But what starts off as a ruse quickly becomes all too real.

When his clan demands a high price, the consequences become deadly. How much will they sacrifice for the truth…or each other?


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Rebellious Magic

What's the point of having magical powers if she can't use them to smite her enemies?

Dru Collins refuses to be a sacrifice, which is why she's staying in the human world until further notice. The dryad realm offers nothing but an arranged marriage and a life-sucking job, literally. Her all-but-useless magic will call her back one day, but until then, she'll fight to find a different path, princess or not. When threats from her royal mother and an incompetent assassin start to pile up, Dru recruits the one man she probably shouldn't trust—a sexy shifter bounty-hunter who intends to bring her home.

Oren Ashir has new orders from the clan: find the dryad, retrieve the traitor, return to the elders. Except the traitor has knowledge about the disappearance of his parents, and the dryad is a feisty beauty with a mission of her own. Dru is the key to accessing the dryad realm, but pursuing the traitor puts her in danger. He'll have to make a choice: find the answers to his past or protect the woman he wants for his future.

Tied together on a complicated mission, Oren and Dru discover secrets hidden by friends and enemies alike. With time ticking down until Dru has to return home, will they learn to trust themselves and each other before it's too late?

Rebellious Magic is a full-length paranormal romance novel featuring fated mates, a shifter with a protector complex, and a dryad princess who refuses to do anything that she's told. 


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Bonus scene - Forgotten Magic

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Chaotic Magic

Defy fate, embrace the chaos, and avoid the angry death goblins.

Samantha Bailey hates her visions, until she sees the death of the man who both infuriates and enflames her. Unfortunately, he despises oracles, so she doesn’t dare tell him she is one. Can she maintain her distance while keeping him close to protect him? Or does fate have other plans?

Luc Marsyas enjoys luxury, power, and Samantha. Often not in that order. Beneath the beautiful mage's icy veneer lurks a fiery passion that he’s obsessed with setting free. But he's not the only one obsessed. Someone wants her dead, and Luc begins to wonder how far he'll go to protect her.

When an attack forces them to flee to a distant realm, Luc and Samantha must stop fighting each other long enough to find a way home. Preferably one that doesn't involve goblin assassins or death magic. The fight for survival brings them together, but will their unlikely bond survive when he finds out what she's hidden?

Chaotic Magic is a full-length paranormal romance novel featuring an arrogant fire-caller, a powerful oracle, and a fate that binds them together.


Available now! 


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Valiant Magic - Summer Solstice Seduction

On the shortest night of the year, fae come out to play, vampires don't have much time, and werewolves howl at a full moon. 

The summer solstice brings out witches, demons, vampires, shifters, and supernatural creatures in a night of magic and mayhem. There are spells that can only be cast and curses that can only be broken on this one, enchanted night.

If you dare, follow the fae down a magical path, but beware! You may get forever lost. Beyond supernatural hijinx, there's seduction around every corner...

Eleven brand new, paranormal romances from both established authors and exciting new talent in this single volume.


Feel the supernatural heat - read it today. Only available as a paperback at this time. Valiant Magic can be found separately.




Bri didn’t even know why they were arguing. "With sufficient thrust, anything can be a weapon."

Dru snorted in disbelief. "Anything?"

Raising a brow, Bri slid a white plastic fork out of her pocket, snapped off the outside tines, and brandished the single remaining point at Dru.

Her sister shook her head. "Where did you even get a plastic fork?"

"I have emergency forks stashed everywhere."

Dru narrowed her eyes. "I legit can't tell if you're kidding or just insane."

Sometimes, neither could Bri. She stuffed the mangled fork back in her hoodie pocket and surveyed the lavish throne room. “Why’d you summon me?”

"I need you to go on a trip for me."

Bri crossed her arms, suspicious. Dru never sent her anywhere. She'd come to the dryad realm from Earth—or Terra, according to the locals—almost a year ago, and the only thing she'd done of consequence was assassinate the previous queen. In Bri's defense, the woman had been super evil. She’d also been Bri’s biological mother.

Dru's too, but thankfully, murdering their mother in cold blood turned out to be a bonding experience.

Bri shrugged, trying not to give away her excitement. "Sure. Whatever you need."

Dru sighed. "There's a political problem with one of the douchey rich tribes, so I'm supposed to go make nice by attending a summer solstice festival. But some asshole double-booked me. Also, I don't want to go."

This was why she loved her sister. Dru may be queen, but she had almost zero filter. Her reign was an experience. "Why send me?"

"Because they'll accept the lesser royal sister as a substitute, and I've personally seen you kick the ass of almost every guard in the palace, with and without magic."

Every guard but one, and if he weren't constantly telling her what to do, she'd have wished for an entirely different use for his fine ass. Too bad being the captain made him prohibitively bossy.

The mission offered her exactly what she wanted. Potential danger and a chance to leave the massive palace grounds? Yes, please.

Bri rubbed her hands together. "No problem."

"Two things." Dru held up a finger. "You can't kill anyone without a good reason."

"I always have a good reason," Bri muttered.

Her sister ignored the interruption and held up a second finger. "You can't go alone."

The smile dropped off Bri's face as the door to the throne room creaked open. She turned with a scowl, already knowing who'd be there based solely on Dru's guilty look.

Mattias stood at ease, but his combat training came through in his stance, all relaxed power, ready for anything. Also in his muscular frame. The man did not skip leg day. He brought a fist to his heart and bowed his head to Dru, the traditional greeting for the queen, then he turned to Bri, and repeated the motion, but with a sardonic twist to his lips.

"I look forward to our travels together, princess."


-from VALIANT MAGIC ©Nicole Hall

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